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Sundays | 10:15 AM | 10 Green St.




Because we are each a work in progress, we will be ourselves before God and others, believing we are loved as we are but too much to stay that way.


Because our world is so divided, we will practice biblical community that supersedes any quality that would otherwise seek to separate us.


Because Jesus so humbly died for us, out of a sense of freedom and attitude of joy, we will never let anything be “beneath us” as we live and share the Gospel.


Because God never gives up on us, we will fight for the Gospel, one another, and the Town as God fights for us.


Because we all lead busy lives, we will practice simple faith, simple church, and simple mission in light of the beautiful Gospel.



"Bringing Charlestown together around the Gospel"

Christ Church Charlestown began meeting on Sundays in January 2018 at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School. After a year spent serving the community and building relationships, we gathered for worship with a heart to be a church that would bring Charlestown together around the Gospel. 

In early 2022, Christ Church began the process of merging with the First Church in Charlestown, one of the oldest churhces in America. We inherited the church building that has had a rich legacy stretching nearly four centuries. 

We have become a multi-generational, multi-ethnic group of people with diverse backgrounds and religious upbringings, but we are united and compelled by our shared conviction to love Christ, love the church, and love Charlestown (and beyond). 

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